Breathsensation Fernie

Welcome to Breathsensation Fernie!



"In Breath we live, we are moved, we move and we are."
                                            Ilse Middendorf

Finding this website could be the first step to a very exciting journey, a journey led by your consciously allowed Breath!
Experiencing and sensing yourself through Breath opens up new possibilities!

Breathsensation Fernie offers Middendorf Breath work or Breathexperience. This is one of today's leading breath practices that deals directly with the source of life - the allowed breath!

Why choose Breathsensation Fernie?

Working with the natural breath rhythm brings balance, healing and a sense of well-being into all aspects of daily life. It is an amazing and instantly available tool to manage stress and anxiety as well.
Breathexperience is based on three main principles: The allowing of breath, sensing of breath movement and being present in this sensation!

Contact me to find out how Breath can bring joy and transformation into your life!

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